Maintenance Of walkways And Driveways In Landscapes

Landscaping is gaining popularity for better looks and effective layouts for various utilities in the external areas of various properties. We may think that landscape is mainly concerned with making plantation and gardens outside the buildings for pleasant aesthetics. However there are many other ways for which landscaping might prove helpful. We can use the space outside the building for making creative things such as an outdoor kitchen. This would be sometimes useful for informal gatherings of visitors and guests for wining and dining together in close contact to nature. Similarly we can make walkways in the garden, so that we can reach every corner of the garden and other parts of this space. There are driveways made by pavers and bricks, which allow the vehicles to move from gate to parking lot.

These walkways and driveways need a periodic maintenance. This is essential so that they last for longer periods without deteriorating. Maintenance is needed as we can find cracks on the surfaces due to adverse weather conditions. These parts are exposed to rain, heat and freezing temperatures which cause fine cracks and damage to their surface. Even there might be mechanical damages which are unknowingly done to bricks and pavers. That necessitates in time brick repair.

Power washing:

This is carried out through a forced water jet targeted at the surface of bricks and pavers. This cleans the surface for dust and various other impurities deposited on the surface during the course of time. This can be done regularly for a clean and fresh appearance of the walkways and driveways.


This is a process of spraying high quality polymeric sand. We need a special equipment for the spray of sand and this kind of paver repair work is carried out by many professional firms. They spray a special kind of sand on the surface of pavers and bricks to prevent weed sprouting. This can also remove damages caused by insects to bricks. Similarly, this is helpful in overcoming damages due to extreme climatic conditions such as rain, heat and lower temperatures. Due to the effect of fatigue due to frequent climatic changes the bricks may lose their strength and these sand sprays create a strong layer on the surface of bricks that would be helpful in regaining their strength and last longer.


Application of brick sealer provides protection and ultimately extends the life of their installation. They add to the intensity of the color on the surface and help in getting a good aesthetic look. It is advised to carry out sealing after an interval of 3 to 5 years.

Replacement of pavers:

In case if the pavers are damaged, these can be replaced with new paver blocks. Firstly an inspection of base is made. If the base is as per required standards, the paver blocks are pulled up. Additional layer of base material and sand is added and then new blocks are installed in place using adequate amount of sand and sealer across the block for effective positioning.

In this way we can maintain and repair our walkways and driveways within the landscape for their best appearance and performance throughout the long life.

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