What is Periscope!?

In short Periscope is a live-streaming app- that lets ordinary people broadcast whatever their phone camera is seeing across the webwaves. Not only is the app user friendly but it allows anyone to tune in and comment. The comments allow for engagement with anyone across the world in real-time. So a viewer can ask questions and/or make comments that the broadcaster can react to. For example a Periscoper can engage viewers by asking for an opinion or simply move the camera around their environment.

In less then a month Periscope has become the newest and hottest addition to the social media family. It is being called the “greatest social media platform since twitter”-Harry Wallop.

This new must-have app allows anyone to broadcast live from anywhere at anytime. Imagine you can see what the streets of Italy look like or view a live broadcast from inside a hot new club in NYC. Now you can! Periscope founders describe the app being the closest thing to teleportation and we couldn’t agree more.

Similar to the “liking” and “favoriting”, Periscope opted for the classic heart. So tapping the screen when you enjoy the live broadcast not only supports the Periscoper but also rewards their social status on the ‘Periscope Meter’ of who is worth following. This means the more hearts the more likely they will come up with the global search.

For businesses this platform offers an incredibly cheap alternative to reaching a younger audience. The app is still new and people are still exploring all the possibilities.

What is it like to Periscope?

At first in all honesty its kind of awkward. But once you get your feet wet it becomes a fun way to interact with viewers. However the hardest part is actually getting people to watch your live broadcast. Unfortunately theres more boring ones than entertaining. So now the question is who should you follow?


I put together a list of the top 6 Periscoper’s that I have become obsessed with and enjoying watching their broadcast.

1. Alexa Carlin’s morning motivational broadcast puts everyone in a great mindset for getting the day started. Not only is her message positive but also inspiring for becoming a more mindful person.

2. Ellen Degeneres, one of my favorite celebrities, broadcases live streams of behind the scenes and prep for the show such as “Viral Video Meeting”.

3. Jack Smith IV, NYC Journalist who smokes cigarettes and talks about all things tech related. Anyone in the tech world should start following him asap!

4. Sara Hopkins, this journalist is funny and entertaining. Great for when you really want a good laugh!

5. Martin Jones, one of the leaders in social media, is one of the best, always shows neat areas throughout the United States and shares great articles on social media news and tips.

6. If your from South Florida or want to travel here, In South Florida has the know on the greatest places and locations to visit. Another thing I love about this company is they support local businesses!

If you have anyone that you think should be added to this list, please leave their handle in the comment below.

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