First Medium Post

I’m not really sure how writing on medium is. It looks great. I’m curious how I do anything in here though.

This picture was from one of the most awful and exciting periods of my life. It was when I was drowning in depression, burning bridges and desparate for any sign that a career would manifest. I was living in the best apartment I could afford. That door did not go to another room but to a neighbours apartment. He didn’t speak to me much but was always able to smile. There was a few drug dealers and one pimp on the floor as well. Not very successful drug dealers and pimps as the place was very low rent.

I’ll say this about the dorm lifestyle though, it’s nice to not have to pay for toilet paper.

At the time I was working at a Blockbuster in Burnaby, a 1hr commute by bus as well as developing a game in flash in New Westminister. I was just given that macbook, 3 years old at the time as my payment for 1 month of work. It would be awhile and like 9 jobs before I was able to get my shit together. I do miss the comraderie that I had with people from then though. I remeber talking with a Starbucks barista about this sweet apartment and she told me about how she used to live in one and that her favourite thing was that she didn’t have to pay for toilet paper.

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