My challenges so far

When I started this project a few months back it was a simple impulse, a simple desire to materialize an image in my head of what I could turn the back of my apartment into. I quickly ran out of budget but I was still convinced that I could make it happen very easily. But working on this alone made me realize that I would have to take this a little more seriously. As soon as I decided to commit to it, I started noticing everything I was doing wrong and all the inadequacies of the space I have:

  1. I’m not getting enough sunlight through the plastic cover I chose
  2. The air flow in the greenhouse is terrible
  3. The dirt I have available is not ideal
  4. The plants require more care than I expected
  5. I have to deal with a gang of naughty cats.

That is only the issues that are coming to mind right now. I did not expect to have complications this early in the process. So I had to reassess my dedication to this project. Either stay true to my vision for Greenhouse16 or compromise and see how it goes. Furthermore, I thought someone else could benefit from the great learning experience this project could be if I stay true to it and don’t cut any corners. So I started a Gofundme campaign to raise $2000 to get everything I need to build the most awesome garden of this size in the world regardless of the challenges ahead and and at the end publish all my results to the benefit of all. I have yet to raise a dollar but in the meantime I will post every two weeks a list of the things I need help finding in hope that some of you have no use for them and are willing to send it to me. So if you are remotely intrigued or interested by the journey ahead, your help will be greatly appreciated. Here is the list of my most urgent needs:

  • Buckets x 10
  • Rope 20ft to 60ft
  • Mirror (Time to redirect some sunlight)
  • Seeds (Cucumber, spinach, broccoli, whatever seeds you can spare)
  • Tips… Lots of tips

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