Nebulas — Yes We Believe.

Nebulas is a revolution in blockchain technology. Founded by Hitters Xu, the Prince of Blockchain and former founder of Antshares(NEO) and director of Ant Financial Blockchain Platform, Nebulas is a 3rd generation blockchain which seeks to bring a number of pivotal new technologies to the blockchain world. First and foremost, Nebulas will bring a decentralized search framework to the blockchain, a capability which has earned the project the title of “The Google of Blockchain.”

However, much like Google, Nebulas’ features and use cases extend far beyond just a search framework. For example, Nebulas has developed a Developer Incentive Protocol which rewards developers for creating DApps on the Nebulas Blockchain, a means for adapting the code of projects on the Nebulas blockchain without the need for a hard fork, a Nebulas Wallet utilizing the Lightening Network, a suite of Developer tools for the blockchain and a blockchain domain name service, among other things. The extensive nature of the innovations brought to blockchain technology by the Nebulas project led one developer at the Facebook Headquarters, where Nebulas was recently invited to present on blockchain technology, to dub Nebulas “one of the most solid projects” in the blockchain space.

Even more impressive than the technology that Nebulas will bring to Blockchain is the experience and deep community ties that the founder of Nebulas, Hitters Xu, has to the other leading figures in the blockchain world. Pictured above are the founder of Nebulas as well as the founders of NEO and Ethereum at a 2014 Blockchain conference organized by Hitters Xu. This conference was Vitalik Buterin’s first time in China! Clearly, Hitters Xu has a power for identifying talent and necessary emerging technologies in the blockchain space and building a community to facilitate connections and growth. This power will surely ensure that Nebulas builds the best partnerships and most necessary and forward thinking technological advances for the Nebulas Project. Hitters Xu is one of the most experienced and connected people in blockchain history and a living historical figure in the space.

As an investor interested in the future of blockchain technology with substance, and a firm believer in the future adoption of blockchain solutions on a massive scale, Nebulas is a project which has completely wrapped my attention. My interest in cryptocurrency began in 2014. Nebulas is the first project to give me the feel of an Apple, Google, or Amazon like blockchain giant. The interest of the Nebulas team in ensuring that the entire Blockchain world, and thusly the entire world, not just the Nebulas project, benefits from the technological advances of Nebulas — coupled with the experience, brainpower, “Blockchain Genes”, and connections of Hitters Xu — ensure that the Nebulas will not fail. Nebulas will soon enter the top 20 coins, and from there, continue to grow in 2018. In Nebulas, Yes I Believe!

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