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  • We’ve been hearing our users enjoying the quick actions functionality, but we felt it could get better. So we are introducing 2 new actions. One that clears the incorrectly entered metrics for the day. Second that bumps a routine to the next day.
  • We are jumping on the widget train, you can now add a widget to show your daily progress.
  • Setting the target for your challenges is now more intelligible and less challenging with a little natural language synopsis of your choices.
  • Want to reach Order faster? Boost your points by completing your daily highlight. Daily highlights are selected randomly each day, and aim to provide focus, a sense of accomplishment… and 100 bonus point which you can use towards your goal of reaching Order.
  • Fixed the motivational text getting cut off on motivational alerts.
  • Introducing… Journey to planet Order. Reach the elusive planet Order by converting the points you earn into space miles, each point you earn brings you closer to Order.
  • Fixed padding on main alerts and help tips.
  • Introducing mini alerts. Mini alerts will keep you updated of your weekly points count and more. For example, show progress view with points comparing you to your past self each time an item is completed.
  • Fixed an issue where you would get an unjust reprimand after your first ever completion.
  • When you first setup your challenge you will now see a clear synopsis of it.
  • You can now view how the recent completion affected your stats by pulling down on the list then tapping on the item you want to review.


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