Why I Created ‘Robby’ — my memory bot

Each day we are bombarded with bits of information that we either forget or loose. I’ve been trying to use such apps as Google Keep, Evernote, Reminders or Notes to keep track of those most ordinary bits of information that have nothing in common and don’t deserve their own tag or category. It ended up to be a complete mess and just looking at the list was overwhelming.

Do you at any time need to see all the information saved in your memory, or does your brain retrieve each when needed?

There is no point of going over all of the data you’ve accumulated over the years, half of which you might never need or need very rarely (Ex. living room paint colour). Based on those experiences I created Robby, a way to hold the myriad of general information in a most composed manner.

Robby is memory on demand, it will help you remember your Medium password, the last time you changed your water filter or your wife’s favorite Starbucks drink, as long as you’re willing to share them with him. So the next time you’re standing in line at Starbucks thinking “It would be nice to surprise my wife with her favorite drink”, instead of stressing to figure out where you wrote it down, type in “Starbucks” and Robby will sort it out for you, and possibly get you out of the dog house.

What did you forget?