The SD Cars Gold Rush Winner
Jean-Louis Gassée

Great article Mr. Gassée, but… there’s a part of me (perhaps in my limbic system?) that is whispering that this is the “internet refrigerator” of the early 21st century, as well as that Cesarian fool whispering “all victory is fleeting”.

Take a moment and ask yourself: “why the rush to self-driving cars?” Is it safety? (I feel like quoting Benjamin Frankin … something about giving up freedom for safety…). Is it money? Oh yeah, self-driving trucks are going to make things so much better (sarcasm). Is it efficiency? I think the creeping answer is: control.

I think it would be great to take a collective step back and ask “why?”. As in “why are we pushing or being pushed towards self-driving cars?”.

If we know the “why” of this, and keep awareness of it, that will (in my humble opinion) help to direct and shape the future to come.

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