Our PMs reported me two issues regarding this new feature (which really is great):
Stefan Buchali

Hey Stefan, good stuff, Time Off has similar traits to regular tasks, including the Insert function:

  • If you need to add a full-day Time Off on a day that has existing tasks, and you’d like to push those tasks back, you can use the Insert tool instead (right-click, or use the ‘I’ shortcut). It’ll push back existing tasks instead of replacing them.
  • We figure this out for you, but it does depend on your intention. If you set 5 days in the task popup, it’ll account for the time off, if the time off exists, and end on the Monday. If you set Friday as the end date, it’ll calculate it as 4 days. If the task was already 5 days, and you dragged it to the person on Monday, it would take into account the holiday and end on a Monday.

I hope that makes sense?

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