A framework based on TensorFlow to ease training of generative models

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The domain of generative models in the context of deep learning has been rapidly growing in recent years, especially since the advent of adversarial networks. However, it has not always been easy to train these models even if you are an expert who is just trying to replicate the results on a custom dataset. Solution: SimpleGAN. SimpleGAN is a framework written using TensorFlow 2.0 that aims to facilitate the training of generative models by providing high-level APIs and at the same time great customizability to tweak your models and run experiments.


Installing SimpleGAN is a very easy process. There are two ways you can perform the installation. …

Perform tasks on your computer through voice commands

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I have always been fascinated by how Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant or any other voice assistant works. It makes the lives of the user a lot easier by automating tasks. Therefore, I decided to build my own voice assistant which would gather commands from the microphone on my laptop and use it to perform a task.


I chose 5 simple commands that I felt anybody might frequently use and decided to record myself speaking those commands. I assumed that there will not be any background noise when the user speaks a command. …

An Introduction to Colab and Tensorflow 2.0

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Tensorflow 2.0 came out less than a week ago and it has been the most discussed topic on my twitter TL, so I decided to join the buzz and write this article. …


Rohith Gandhi

What I cannot create, I do not understand - Richard Feynman. LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/grohith327

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