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“People leave managers, not companies” — Marcus Buckingham, First, Break All the Rules: What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently

Have you ever worked on a team where you knew your boss wasn’t on your side? It can be very had to know this and still have no choice but to stick with the team and report to the same boss. Now before you dismiss this issue as trivial and say, “Screw the boss, I am not going to tolerate this nonsense. I am gonna quit my job and move on’”, hear me out.

Unfortunately, this is not a choice for available for everyone. The reasons can range from being in debt to not having an alternative source of income or an emergency fund in case of a job loss. The reality is that people are forced to put up with the same boss even though they hate working with him or her. …

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Being an immigrant has its own challenges, and I was curious to know from other immigrants how they were dealing with their finances. I wanted to find out the unique challenges they were facing and how they dealt with them.

Today I am excited to present our 4th guest in the series an anonymous reader that goes with the twitter handle @frugallatino. He chose to be anonymous for this interview and hence we haven’t revealed his real identity.

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did.

1. Can you tell us about yourself? Please include any details you feel comfortable sharing about how long you’ve been in the US, what you do for a living and your income range.

I’m a 39-year-old male from Latin America. I have been in the US since 2004 when I came to grad school. I’ve worked as a safety consultant for about 11 years altogether. In my first job back in 2007, I made $36K a year. That job only lasted a few months because the organization could not sponsor a working visa for me. …

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Today’s let’s talk about one of the sacred cows of the personal finance community — The Emergency Fund. Almost every personal finance guru out there will recommend you to have one and most of them would recommend you to carry some amount at least.

Before I started reading about personal finance, I had no clue about it and TBH, I have never carried any emergency fund for most of my adult life. …


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