How To Change Yourself, Your Life, And Your Future


Change doesn’t come easy. It takes a lot of motivation, hard work, and discipline. To change means straying away from your daily norms, and that includes going outside your comfort zone.

As humans, we tend to stick with the crowd, following familiarity. Anything that isn’t familiar makes us either curious or scared. However, forcing change upon oneself can be not only scary, but emotionally, physically, and mentally jarring. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are many things that can enact change and make you become a better person and ultimately allow you to reach the goal that you are striving for. Whether it be weight loss, entrepreneurship, or anything else, change must occur in order to climb that ladder.

You may find articles on “the fastest way to enact change” or “change today” or something along those lines. However, change doesn’t come easy and it doesn’t come fast. Articles like these provide false expectations and will make you think that change is this thing that you can achieve by waking up one day and doing a complete 180 of what you used to do. It’s not like that. While these articles may give you a sudden boost of motivation, that motivation dies the very next day. How many times have you been sitting on your computer or phone in the middle of the night reading an article or watching a video and you became so motivated that you get excited to work out, launch a business, eat healthier, etc. and then wake up the next day completely drained and unmotivated to be able to do anything? Then, ultimately, instead of sticking to your normal routine you actually fall in a trap of “Well I can’t change my life so why even bother?” Then, you eat more junk food and care less about your health, only to come back to your exact starting point, sometimes worse, the very next day.

You can’t bullshit your way through change because if you try to it will ricochet back to you and then change will be bullshitting you, making you bullshit yourself. And the more times you try to enact change and fail, the harder it will hit you each time. Each and every time your mindset will get worse, you’ll feel less motivated, and you’ll slowly sink into depression feeling helpless and useless. The truth is that there is no secret formula and there is no way that you can wake up one day and have all of your dreams come true. Forget everything you read stating how easy change is and that all you have to do is “these five steps in order to change” because not everything works for everyone and, if you didn’t get it yet, you can’t wake up a changed person.

So here you are reading this article feeling helpless. You probably think that there is nothing you can do and that change is a complete waste of time and that you will never be able to achieve anything you perceived yourself doing. Well, you’re wrong again. It is true that change takes a long time but there is a basic set of principles that may entice you to push towards that change. While it may not be easy, it is doable. If humans only did what was easy then we wouldn’t explore space, have our own way of communicating, be able to teach an entire generation, you name it. People aren’t born with talents, contrary to popular belief. That singer that has a voice of an angel? She wasn’t born with it. Sure, genetics play a role on how she sounds, but it is her exercising her diaphragm, practicing singing on key, on pitch, practicing her breathing, her technique. Practice, practice, practice.

So how can you enact change in your life? How can you practice to make changes to better yourself? Can you really do a 180 in your life and become exactly who you dreamed of being? Keep reading and find out how.

The Basic Principles

1. Change is a Lifestyle

As already mentioned, change does indeed take time. You will not wake up one day and have a completely new personality and outlook on life. However, once you do finally muster up enough energy to enact that change you may get somewhere. But this can also lead to your downfall. Let me explain. Let’s say that your goal was to lose weight. You go on a diet, start working out, then you lose 20 pounds or so. It took you three months and you are happy. Having the body of your dreams, you no longer diet, stop working out, and then, ultimately, gain back the weight you lose, sometimes more, within a month. What happened? As this principle suggests, you didn’t adapt it into your lifestyle. If this is a change that you are making that can not be integrated for the rest of your life, if it is a change that is too hard to keep up with, then there is no point in doing it. If you can’t live with this change the rest of your life then you will relapse. It is the most common mistake that people make when enacting change. How would you go about resolving this? This leads into principle two.

2. Small Steps Lead To Big Movements

Cliche? Yes. True? Couldn’t be truer. If you are looking to change, and I mean really change, then you shouldn’t have a problem starting small. If you do want to really change your life then taking small steps is the best way to go. Look back three months. Where would you be if you enacted change three months ago. What about even if you started small and built things up. Imagine that for a few seconds? Fascinating, right? Looking back and seeing what could have been? Well, take exactly what you imagined and put that forward three months. Take that exact thing you imagined and imagine it again, with the mindset that it is you in three months time. Do you want to be there? If so, then you should start those changes right now. Immediately! The longer you wait the less motivated you will be and the less successful you will feel. Going back to the weight loss example, instead of dieting and working out like crazy for three months and dropping everything altogether, focus on changing one thing at a time. Start with your diet, since that is the most important thing when it comes to weight loss. Instead of that cake, eat some fruit. Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. Start small. Then, once you are comfortable and see yourself maintaining this lifestyle, begin with a small workout routine, just 15 minutes of your day. Feel like 15 minutes if too easy? Have time for more? Great! 30 minutes! Start cutting out dessert entirely! Soon, you will start seeing motivation spike like crazy and you will be making changes left and right!

3. Want It or Leave

Do you really want to change? I hear you telling yourself that you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t want to and that you wouldn’t have gone through everything you’ve done to get this far. Answer me this: How far have you gotten? Have you tried and failed? Have you succeeded a little, but are starting to slow down? Or are you achieving greatness and are trying to get even more motivation under your belt. Most likely, it’s the latter. Here’s the thing though: If you want change then you will chase after it. Do you want to be a successful company owner? Do you long not having a boss and having people work for you? What steps have you taken? How many excuses have you proposed? Have you blamed your genetics for not losing weight and given up?

If you really want something then you will make it happen. Take Jimi Hendrix, one of the best guitarists in the world, as an example. He didn’t just wake up one day and play the guitar like a rockstar. No! He practiced and practiced and practiced. He wanted to pursue his passion. So what did he do? He kept going. He changed his mindset. He didn’t think “Oh, I’ve come across a roadblock. May as well give up,” No. He wanted it so he kept going, never leaving it. Never leaving his dream. Do you want your dream or are you going to leave it? Because if you really want something then you will make it happen. You will not just leave it.


Now, there are more than just three basic principles. In fact, there are Ten! However, the reason that I will not be revealing all of the basic principles in this article is because you will be able to find the rest of the principles by contacting me or by reading my book, which is still being made. So as of right now, contacting me is the best way. If change is something that you are serious about and you truly want to turn your life around, then contacting me or reading the book is perfect for you. On the other hand, if you are someone who just wants to change something fast and then go back to old habits, then I don’t recommend it. However, for those of you that do want change fast and go back to old habits, I recommend following principle number two. Start with small changes. The reason I recommend this is because you will see just how much of a difference those small changes make. They will motivate you. And once you are happy and then go back to old habits because you didn’t follow principle three, reread this. You may be motivated enough to enact change in your life and finally be who you’ve always wanted to be.

When it comes to contacting me, direct messaging me on instagram (Enact.Change) is the best way to do so. You can also Email me at I will inform you on everything you need to know. I will include the ten principles, expand upon the ones already stated, and give you even more information. By doing so, I will already be helping you with principle six. Want to know what all these principles are? Are you ready to forever change your life? Do you want to become the person you have always wanted to be? Read the first two sentences of this paragraph.

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