Exploring Medium

As I lay here in my bed at 2:44 AM typing my first entry into an app that I just downloaded because I was bored, all I can think about is…nothing.

I mean I have my cliché Bose headphones on (is it really cliché though because I’m only 24 and not on a plane…usually Bose headphones remind you of an older person blocking out engine rumbling, no?) and am listening to Brandyn Burnette — someone you should check out if you don’t already know. I’m tired from doing yard work all day and stressed out/releaved that the Bengals didn’t win and am just sitting here exhausted yet at the same time not tired at all.

Now I am thinking about something, who’s going to read this and why am I doing this? I already constantly blog on various other forms of social media and the music blog for which I am the senior editor of…maybe bordem + the secret pleasure of knowing some random person out there is equally as bored as me, that may indeed read this, gives me a sense of importance at this late/early insomniac(y) hour that I’ve grown accustomed to.

Aaaanyways that’s all for now, is that enough though? Was it too short, too long or dare I say “Medium”? That was bad, let me be the first to say I’m sorry to you.

Ok, I guess I’ll publish this nonsense piece of nothing, I mean that’s how Seinfeld got started.

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