My Deakin Life

Today i put my last full stop on my last assignment. I will miss deakin. But before i say bye, Il say hello. Deakin, so many things has gone on since i came to this school. I got a scholarship just to write my thoughts. Is it just amazing! Second i got the best place to worship, Christ Embassy Church where i met my best friends. And the multicultural going on here oh my, trust you me you won’t feel out of place, rather, you will feel exotic hahaha!!!

I was late for the orientation as my visa had delayed. So you can imagine coming to a new country,late, jet lagged and not knowing where is the school reception or even the toilets. So i step into Deakin, Burwood and the first person i met, was just God sent. She showed me everywhere and where i needed to be. I was relieved. But i had already missed home. My twin sister, my parents and my best friend :-(

I got settled in as the school helped me to get accommodation just near school which saved me on the transport. Did i mention transport, Oh my, does Melbourne have a lot going on. I had to get used to the touching on and off before and after leaving the bus, tram or train! But i got it, yaaaay!!!

I didn’t have any relative her with me to show me what to do and how to go about things. But the International Student Adviser of the school made sure i applied for the tax file number, got my police check and get my Bupa card. I was in awe with the level of support i got. I found a home! I found friends in the home! I found love!

Of course there was the hard challenges i went through like finding a job. But after the first job, get a job after will be a piece of cake. I was able to pay for my rent and my pocket money with my job, so my parents were able to relax. There always challeneges but that just makes you know how great you are no matter what.

So as i bid goodbye to Deakin after my masters, i say hello to a good life in Australia. But Deakin, i will be back for my PhD. One love :-*

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