Friday the 13th 2017

NOVEMBER 16,2016

Oh how their faces will contort.
Oh how their hearts will flood w/ woe.
Once they bat their eyes & clarify,
The emperor wears no clothes.


Dredd star Karl Urban took a moment while at Emerald City Comic Con to urge fans to sign a petition and like the “Make a Dredd Sequel” Facebook page. Urban has not been ashamed to admit his love for the severely overlooked 2012 film in which he starred as the titular character. The film received mostly positive reviews from critics.

You can read more about the push for a sequel, find out where you can help, and watch the video of Urban urging fans below.

Director Alex Garland has said he imagined a trilogy of Dredd films and that if…

Welcome to another Trailer Review wherein I playfully dissect movie trailers and give you serious reasons I would watch or not watch the movie they’re selling.

Today’s focus is on the recently released trailer for Lucy starring Scarlett Johansson in the lead role and Morgan Freeman on backup. Lucy is the product of writer/director Luc Besson’s creative genius. Most movie savvy geeks know Besson as the director/writer of Nikita, Leon: The Professional, and The Fifth Element.

Take a peek below the cut to view all of what his latest woman of action flick has to offer.

What I Learned

Whenever one talks about the Untitled Web Series About a Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time one must always remember the question is never “where?” but “when?” So when Travis Richey dropped an Indiegogo video call-to-action on his YouTube, you know what question fell from the tip of my tongue. And when I learned that season two of said series would, in fact, be an honest to geekness movie complete with two famous doctors from long-standing science fiction TV series my question shifted from “when?!” to “GTFO!”

For more info, some videos, and to find out the answer…

Nerd-Rock band Kirby Krackle released a brand new single a few weeks ago. This latest cut is a nerd-rock version of The Lego Movie‘s dangerously catchy tune, “Everything is Awesome!!!” The album features cover art by Dean Trippe (full cover below).

This version of “Everything is Awesome!!!” name drops comic creators, Doctor Who, and other geekly trappings. Drop below the cut to give it a listen and find out where you can download the track.

I jumped on The Lego Movie loving bandwagon after finally giving it a go last week. I really had no idea what to expect from…

‘Batman Vs. The Terminator’: There Is No Fate But What The Dark Knight Makes

Of all the Batman vs. Your Favorite Fictional Universe fan projects to be released, this one is the latest. Actually, I’m underselling this project by a lot because it’s actually pretty badass.

Out there in the vast YouTube wasteland sprouts the animated creative flower that is Batman vs The Terminator. The original concept is by Tony Guerrero with original music by Noir Deco and animation/sound editing by Mitchell Hammond. …

Exclusive news from the Uncharted Territories. The consistent internet whispers of bringing Farscape back to our screens might just be true. Farscape was a science fiction television series that ran on the SyFy network (back then known as the SciFi Channel) from 1999–2003. Now it seems the cult favorite show of thousands of nerds worldwide will be getting a sequel!

Check below the cut for more details.

Farscape was created by Rockne S. O’Bannon (Defiance, Cult) and Brian Henson of Jim Henson Productions. It was a beautiful thing to behold. In its short four-year run, Farscape gave us all the…

You are three brothers. You’ve been three brothers all your life. Then one of you falls in love and makes that leap into marriage. What are you, the two remaining brothers, to do at your older brother’s wedding?

Why, make a retro/new wave/electro pop/’80s music video pleading for your beloved, and soon to be betrothed, brother to never leave you for his wife, that’s what you do.

Jump below the cut to watch the hilarious and freaky accurate 1980s style music video called “We Are Brothers” by Baddy Paris and Rufus Starlight. This video is what the brothers used as a substitution for the best man’s wedding speech.


[Source: Dave and Chuck the Freak]

Originally published at on September 30, 2013.

Because, Awesome: ‘Breaking Bad’ Alignment Chart Simplifies Your Favorite Character’s Ethics

While walking around the Google+ pages the other day I happened across this bit of wonderful, a Breaking Bad alignment chart.

Those of you yet to jump on the Breaking Bad bandwagon should consider this the primer. Those of us hip deep into a show that I personally rank as one of the top 5 most compelling television shows on air today can sit back and marvel at the chart’s accuracy.

Continue below now to see the chart.

My only question is, was Walter White always Neutral Evil? Or did he ever so slowly slide into place as the seasons progressed?

I await your debate in the comment section below.


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