Multi family Housing Amenity Trends to Watch for in 2017

During the last few decades the multifamily industry has grown by leaps and bounds . With an increase in the market size and availability of options, renters (especially millennials) have become choosy and are demanding modern amenities in their rental units that make their life easier. If you own a multi family property and are looking for ways to enhance its rentability, now is the time to hire multi family design services. Expert renovators offering residential home design services in Dallas and other parts of the U.S. are aware of the market trends and can help introduce useful changes to enhance the property’s value.

Before you visit a contractor, go through the housing amenity trends listed in the post.

1. The Demand for Multi functional Outdoor Spaces is at an all Time High

Renters, especially those renting a small apartment are increasingly demanding multi functional outdoor spaces that can help compensate for the lack of adequate indoor space. These areas act as an extension of the living space and include amenities such as a clubroom with kitchen, separate party area, gathering area, fire pits and cabanas.

2. More Renters are Demanding Dedicated Fitness Areas

Given the increasing health awareness, this trend should not come across as a surprise. 24-hour fitness centers are one of the most in-demand amenities among multi family renters. To attract and target prospective renters better, opt for dual-purpose exercise rooms for yoga, Pilates and Zumba. If you are targeting millennials, go high-tech by opting for advanced virtual features such as a virtual instructor; a feature they are sure to fall in love with.

3. Stylish and Spacious Rooftop Decks are in

In these insanely hectic times, renters are looking for spaces that can help them unwind, socialize and shrug-off the fatigue after a tiring day. When renting, many renters look for properties with spacious rooftop decks where they can feel a gust of wind while relaxing with their friends and family members. If you are planning to include this amenity in your property, make sure the area is well divided and can be used by several groups. Make sure the area has comfortable furniture and other amenities such as barbeques, outdoor heaters and overhangs (to provide shade during summer). Add a touch of novelty by using eccentric furniture pieces such as hanging egg-chairs.

4. Pet spas are Fast Becoming a Rage

According to a survey almost 70 percent apartment renters in the U.S. have pets. That said, many communities still have a ‘no-pet’ policy, which makes it difficult for these renters to find a pet-friendly community. To attract this vast, untapped market, opt for dedicated areas that include pet spas. Install tubs and dryers in these areas that renters can use to wash their furry friends. Make the area lively by hanging waterproof artwork from the walls. Other pet-friendly amenities to opt for are dedicated indoor and outdoor walking areas and pet washing stations.


Including these amenities is your ticket to demanding a high rent and enhancing the property’s value. These amenities are popular particularly among millennials and tweaking your property’s design to accommodate these benefits is sure to give you an edge over other owners. Some other amenities that are a hit among renters are dedicated conference and office spaces, flexible work areas and sports bars.