Top 5 Multifamily Housing Amenities that are Trending in 2016

When prospective tenants visit multifamily apartments, they start comparing the amenities provided there with those available in the standalone apartments. This comparison helps them realize the elements they need to let go, if they decide to stay in a multifamily apartment. As living in a multifamily apartment costs quite less than in single properties, if the investors can provide some of the most sought after amenities in multifamily apartments, they can witness an increase in rent as well as the number of satisfied renters. Regarding amenities that are tending this year, here are the top five of the list. All that multifamily investors need now is a plan to install these amenities with the help of multi family design services.

1. Rooftop Decks

Rooftop decks are highly desirable amenities for the tenants, with partitioning into several spaces and comfortable seating being synonymous to the charm of a living room. Dining tables and barbecues can be the additional elements to accentuate the appeal of the roof decks, and can be implemented across multifamily rentals. As more people are taking up the option of indoor hangouts, multifamily investors can enhance the likability of the outlets with roof decks.

2. Vinyl Planks for Flooring

Flooring is yet another area that grabs the attention of prospective tenants. Vinyl planks are an inexpensive, yet another option that can be explored by multifamily investors and property owners. Additionally, concrete floors also have a distinct appeal and easy to maintain. As an investor, the only thing to keep in mind is to maintain uniformity in floor design across the outlets to keep investments to a minimum and extract the maximum.

3. Sports Room with Comfortable Couches

Sports room in multifamily units can be the spots for casual entertainment and an opportunity for the tenants to hang out with family and fellow tenants. Property managers can place comfortable couches, a pool table, and a TV to facilitate gatherings on weekends, and the design idea may be an instant hit for prospective tenants.

4. Pet Spa

Pets have become an integral part of multifamily establishments, along with tenants. Many tenants face problems in maintaining hygiene of their pets, and providing a solution can attract a sizable number of tenants. So, multifamily investors need to seek reliable design services and invest in Pet Spas with big tubs and dryers to help tenants bathe their pets.

5. Cubicles with Work Facilities

As homes are gradually transitioning into workplaces, designing cubicles and conference rooms is a wow factor among workaholic tenants. There is a need to develop places within a multifamily rental, wherein the tenants can keep their laptop and work without outside distractions and interruptions.

The Way Forward

Though designing and building amenities in multifamily housing is a significant investment, they continue to extract handsome returns for the investors over the years. Seeking design services can help investors build robust amenities in multifamily unit, to which tenants can adapt in minimal times and feel like being in a second home.