Technology will neither screw nor save us, to channel Kranzberg: It is us who will. We are the gods in our machines.

By Cathy Torres

In late February 2020, only a week before Berlin reported its first case of COVID-19, I sat among several hundred people at the Friedrichstadt-Palast to…

What cat memes can teach us about creating a more sustainable digital economy

By Cathy Torres

When I was twenty and an exchange student in Tokyo, I found a part-time job transcribing recordings of international conferences. It was my first paying job and I marveled that knowledge I had taken for granted — English and touch typing — could pay handsome dividends, at…

How putting people before business creates a beneficial data economy for communities and customers alike

By Paul Jasper and Eston McKeague

Tracking and monitoring development progress using indicators from the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and more recently the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) has traditionally relied on two main sources of information: survey and census-based data, and, administrative data. While administrative data does play an important…


Groots is a social enterprise for community-driven data. We put the dignity of our users first and connect hard to reach communities with the data economy. 🦓

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