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As we know out of curiosity you’ve found yourself here seeking to understand WHAT IS GROOVEUP!

Well here is the answer you seek.

GrooveUP is a decentralized music platform that will power the next chapter of disruption in the music industry! GrooveUP has created a new ecosystem where Music Makers, Content Creators, Service Providers, Tastemakers, Innovators, Influencers, and Investors will move in sync, collaborate, set mutual goals, and generate wealth!

GrooveUP is more than a music app, GrooveUP is more than a music community. GrooveUP is built by music lovers, music creators and music collaborators. Built by those who represent music lovers, who empathise, experience, live and breathe the same music-filled energy. Built by those who know intimately, what is required to create that one single central space where music people can Consume, Create, Collaborate, Communicate and Co-exist. GrooveUP is building The Musicverse, a place for passionate Gen Y and Gen Z. music lovers, a place, where music lives, breaths and evolves.

GrooveUP is the Blockchain-powered disruptor built from a white paper that mirrors all that was woven into the quintessential DNA’s of Backplane, MySpace, Crypto, and Equity Management.

Visualize a world where musicians and their hardcore fan groups join forces, grow and make money together! Influencers and service providers can create content and earn a share of the social media streaming revenues. Innovators, tastemakers and investors can buy stakes in music projects and have a share in the profits from streaming, merchandise, touring and publishing. In 2022 the hottest topic of conversation at social gatherings and dinner parties will be Music Investment Portfolios!

Stakeholders will have GrooveUP profiles that include personal Shareholder Smart Wallets in which they can track the share price of their investments in real-time, withdraw profits, trade assets and manage portfolios.

GrooveUP provides musical artists and music streaming platforms with smart contract managed tools to help artists engage, tokenize and monetize their music through the activity of GennovatorZ (GrooveUP VIP superfan groups). GennovatorZ can share in music profits by way of supporting and growing the artist’s brand via our exclusive Deliberate Brand Awareness Campaigns (DBAC’s), which are tracked using the AI-generated Fanalytics feature of the platform.

GennovatorZ earn Artists Tokens by strategically completing specified content-based DBAC tasks, transforming the relationship between fans and their favourite artists into a mutually rewarding partnership.

GrooveUP is the first DAO/decentralized music sharing stream-to-earn platform built on the Binance smart chain. The new one-stop home to music influencers currently scattered across multiple social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Triller, Twitter, etc. With the GrooveUP platform, artists’ now have that one central point where they can engage with, incentivize and mobilize GennovatorZ to create, stream, and share (across platforms) videos of themselves performing & grooving to songs of their favourite GrooveUP artists.

GrooveUP aims to reward GennovatorZ and provide inactive, reactive & proactive fans with the opportunity to directly promote, buy and own a part of their favourite artists’ music, albums, touring, merchandise and fame. This is achieved using Reward Tokens to incentivize fans and provide them with a residual income, as they help artists grow in popularity. The most creative and popular GennovatorZ can become eligible for engagement-based team rewards and recognition.

GrooveUP will integrate the content of Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube Music, (and other music streaming platforms) debuting the only fan-rewards platform and artists-fan marketplace serving all of the major global music streaming platforms (collectively boasting over 400 million subscribers).

GrooveUP will allow fans to purchase Artist Tokens of some of the world’s biggest, most popular recording artists, (including the likes of Swae-Lee, Tems, Drake, Wizkid and Davido), as well as seed invest in the Artist Tokens of budding and promising undiscovered artists worldwide

Artists Tokens bought on GrooveUP allow fans to acquire shares in the music projects of their favourite artists and purchase merchandise, NFTs, and event tickets. Each recording artist is tokenized based on his/her level of popularity and made available to fans who can buy, hold, earn and trade one artist token for the other on the decentralized swap exchange built into the ecosystem.

All transactions are recorded via a multi-chain crypto wallet integrated into the app, within which GrooveUP handle all tech-related processes (like token creation, NFT minting, etc) on behalf of all artists and shareholders.

The Universe and the Metaverse would have no heartbeat without the Musicverse. GrooveUP is the Musicverse!



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