Me Too: An Open Letter to Mayim Bialik from a Rape Survivor
Laura LeMoon

I honestly have no words I can say to you to make any of this better. But I will say I am very proud to see someone stand up to this woman, who yes, just as you said, is thinking this will ‘save her’ from that mess going on in Hollywood. She didn’t think about all the women and baby Laura LeMoon’s in the world that have had to deal with what you and I am sure, so many others have. Thank you for taking the time out of your life to come and slap some reality into her’s….. that is, if the privileged little socialite, actress does read it. She needs to and she needs to offer you and others an apology for saying such a vile thing :(. *hugs* to you Laura LeMoon. I am so happy I came across your message and I intend to read all of your reports and materials, now since I joined this site.

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