Joining Benchmark

I am excited to share that I am joining Benchmark as a Principal alongside Sarah, Peter, Matt, Eric, Bill, Mitch, and the rest of the Benchmark team. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to join the most talented technology investors in the business. I will officially be starting my journey with Benchmark in August.

Having lived only on the east coast, I’m thrilled to move to SF and spend more time with founders in the Bay Area. Also important to note, I will forever remain a Boston sports fan no matter the coast ;-)

I cannot say enough about how fortunate I am to have worked with David, Adam, and Nimi at BoxGroup for the past 3+ years. It’s a team that I love and they will always be family. David and Adam took me under their wing, provided mentorship, and I’ve learned more than I could ever express. BoxGroup is the best in the seed business and is where I would go for my first dollars raised. I’m looking forward to collaborating with BoxGroup often.

A strong focus of mine will be spending time with entrepreneurs building blockchain infrastructure, applications, tooling, and more. It’s more than an area of interest, it’s a movement that I believe will catalyze a new set of transformational companies. Having said that, like the rest of the Benchmark team, I will be a generalist and my mandate is to identify world class teams. If you’re a founder or potential founder, I’d love to meet you. You can reach me at greg AT benchmark DOT com.