Bronx Community Board 5 Exicted and Apprehensive About New Development

The Bronx was buring in the late nineties, but today, the Bronx is building. According to borough president Diaz’s annual development report, there has been over 3 billion dollars of new development in the Bronx in the past year alone.

Issues about development dominated the conversation at last weeks meeting of Community Board 5.

The largest peice of new development is a plan from the Govonors office, to restructure the Sheriden Expressway. The 1.8 billion dollar project will turn parts of the Expressway into a boulevard, allowing pedestrians to cross the street and access starlight park. Additionally, the new expressway will have ramps directly into Hunts point market, the largest food distribution center in the world. Without tucks idling outside the market, the Governor hopes asthma rates will drop.

The city is conducting a study to find the best way to develop Jerome Ave. from 167th to 183rd street. As this area is right in the middle of CB5’s jurisdiction, they are exited about the possibility for improved social services.

“We want to get the best out of the resources that the city has” says Chairperson Bola Omotosho

Residents are apprehensive about a plan to demolish a stretch of houses on Ryer avenue and replace them with an appartment complex. The developer, Mega contracting, reached out to the community board in the winter, with a letter of support from a local politician. However the board, and the community are not convinced Mega has done enough to gain the support of the community.

“When the community says yes, then the recommendation of the committee, through the board, will be what the community wants” said Dr. Omotosho

While not all development seems to be liked, after years of stagnant growth following the Great Recession, its clear investment is starting to pick up in the Bronx.