Process Boards provide a space for understanding a project together. They provide ambient project information to help keep everyone on a project in sync.

Our journey towards a Lean collaboration toolset

At Interactive Things we face a wide range of projects and project requirements; some are short and need to be done swiftly as a reaction to world events, while others require time and deep research in order to reveal the underlying opportunities. To accommodate these varying requirements, we have developed our own implementation of Kanban boards that we call “Process Boards”. These boards help us make sure that the whole team and the client are aligned on what product needs to be built.

We started our experiments with Kanban some years back with digital tools. Some of them worked ok…

An evening conversation

“I have been given the task to ‘beautify’ an existing website, a non-linear learning tool for navigating online courses; where should I start?” My friend’s message on Slack delighted me because I like contemplating on these things with her. She had already started on several ideas of her own, but it’s just more fun when you can bounce ideas off of each other, so we talked.

Sometimes the best conversations happen when you’re enjoying the evening breeze. Illustration by Sonja Fierz.

I had to ask back: “How much time can you spend on this? And what is the main goal the client wishes to achieve with your help?” I briefly glanced over the existing product…

In Switzerland secondary school students have the opportunity to explore a trade through a Schnupperlehre — a two to five day trial apprenticeship — to see whether that is a career they want to pursue. If they do, they can start a three to four year apprenticeship where they learn the trade hands-on instead of having to go through a theoretical education at a college.

Last week we had the chance to host a Schnupperlehre for fifteen year old Fiona who wants to become an Interactive Media Designer. During the two days she visited us, she paid short visits to…

Peter Gassner

Interaction Engineer at Interactive Things

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