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tl;dr: I made a prototype using news articles from over 30,000 news sources and blogs and this is a sneak peek how I did it.

Getting started

There are myriad of tools for designers out there. IMHO the most powerful design and prototyping tool currently is Framer Studio. If you’re interested in prototyping with code and using API-s, understanding JSON files, I would recommend my previous post about Using Spotify Web API in Framer.

Recently I found NewsAPI.org, a small team with a super powerful API to big news sources like Google News, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Verge, National Geographic.

🔊 Using Spotify Web API in Framer

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tl;dr 👉 Final Result

Prototyping with code

Prototyping using APIs, Application Programming Interfaces can enable all kinds of awesomeness, like Building Voice-Enabled Prototypes or integrate with services like Google Sheets, Twitter, MailChimp. I decided to explore this realm myself by building a fun, little game prototype using Spotify’s Web API.


For prototyping, my weapon of choice is Framer. As a designer without proper coding background, I find Framer the most ‘designer-friendly’, it enables me to work both ‘quick and dirty’ and craft relatively complex and detailed interaction flows too.

In order to work with data, JSON basics becomes handy cause this is the most common format you will receive the data you requested. I warmly recommend you to play with Firebase a bit (here is a great beginners guide: Prototype with real data in Framer, from JSON to multi-device and internet of…

Few weeks ago Peti stopped typing on his laptop, looked up and said ‘It would be so cool to make a good smartwatch’. All of us in the office looked up and we started talking. What would be a perfect smartwatch? What’s wrong with current ones? Why would we even need a smartwatch?

‘It would be so cool to make a good smartwatch’

Designers have the tendency to articulate their dissatisfaction more than just leaving mean comments on forums. Designers are analysing, redesigning, envisioning, questioning things in their status quo, and doing it always with the user in mind.


Géza knows a lot about watches and he is obsessed with technology and science. He collected an inspiring set of examples where the relevant technologies are heading. He started by taking apart of the popular kickstarter smartwatch, the Pebble. …


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