Excellent Soil Testing With Land Surveys By Geotechnical Investigations

Soil testing refers to one or more than one variety of soil analyses which frequently conducts for several possible reasons. The process of soil tests or the testing of soil is done to get the estimated available concentrations of plant nutrients which are determined by the fertilizer recommendations in agriculture. Soil tests also take place for engineering, geotechnical and geochemical or ecological investigations.

They do the complete in-depth feasibility studies, maintain records and provide the reports for Soil Testing on Land, Flowing Rivers and Shallow Seas. They provide a complete range of geotechnical investigations and soil testing services which help to understand and manage the risk to the ground which is mostly associated with their projects. They leverage their years of experience and the expertise who work in all over India and provide the geotechnical solutions in urban and remote locations.

They provide the site investigations on the land and with the related tools to understand the conditions of the ground along with the risk factors. They provide geotechnical expertise for all the projects in the locations which are near or in water along with the comprehensive site investigations as well as the installation services and reports.

They specialize in the challenging projects and provide the geotechnical engineering analysis with the foundation design recommendations for buildings and infrastructural projects. They perform sophisticated soil testing in an accredited laboratory, to the local as well as to the international standards which help them in the better understanding of the soil behavior. They maintain an in-house equipment for soil testing which makes sure that their equipment always remains in better condition for the projects and investigations which they undertake.

They meet the most stringent international standards and provide a Sonic Integrity Testing/SIT Land Surveying services with a minimal interference in the construction, operations, and the project schedules. They provide a range of topographical, land as well as the contour surveying services to complement the foundation engineering services. They leverage vast years of experience in working all over India in this particular domain with the expertise staff in providing the solutions in both the urban as well as in remote locations.

The Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India has recognized and approved their Soil Testing facilities which always makes them the first test house of its kind in the country in getting the approval.

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