Always seek knowledge

Day 2 of the Andela Self-learning clinic; today I woke up feeling incredibly very energetic, and ready to do and learn more than what I learnt yesterday. Day 1 of the Self-learning clinic was not the best for me. During the morning kick-off video call, I experienced a power outage, so I was not able to attend the meeting, but later that day Caroline Wanjiku, my boot camp facilitator who is very supportive and engaging, briefed me on what was discussed and what is expected of me during this boot camp period. 
Working remotely with like-minded people has been my best experience so far. I have been working closely with my fellow boot campers as we help each other with the problems we might come across and I could testify that the collaboration we have had has helped so many of us in my team. The facilitator has also been very helpful in offering mentorship to me, assisting me whenever I inquire from her on gitter.
Working with data structures and object oriented programming has always been theoretical to me, but I am glad now with today’s Andela tests I will get to use them in solving real world problems.

The test driven development was a new thing when I started, after reading and researching about it I realized that, programming without tests, requirements, and designs is just writing bugs on a text file. Though it’s challenging, I am positive that I will get the hang of it in the next few days since I believe that nothing is too difficult to be done especially with the materials provided and the facilitator who is always there when we need assistance.
To wrap it all, my experience so far at the boot camp has been as I had always imagined it to be. Working all day tirelessly to meet deadlines. A great experience interacting remotely with brilliant minds, sleeping at night thinking of how the next day’s challenges will be and waking up each morning with a bright new face and an active mind ready to face the new day and I love every single day of it this far.

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