How We Broke Democracy (But Not in the Way You Think)
Tobias Rose-Stockwell

Extremely interesting article!

Sadly this proves there is a clear cultural divide between people. Those that are brought up with integrated social lives and are wise to the significance of this, and those with enclosed lives.

Unfortunately as Gen Y (the facebook era) I have also learned that I no longer have a voice in my future. Despite the integrated global society I have been brought up in, my generation and the next are outnumbered by the voices of our rigid superiors, due to an ageing population.

Stats show that for both the Trump and Brexit election, Gen Y and Gen Z, both from the facebook era you speak of, voted largely pro integration and for democratic values.

So if facebook is brainwashing us with selective news, is it our superiors that are being affected more so? If so, I fear the world I will end up in because of this.