What Does Grounds For Play Sell?

We build better play environments, not just playgrounds

It’s our mission to design and build outdoor play environments, not just playgrounds. Our products are safe and encourage social, emotional, language, cognitive, motor, and physical skill development while supporting the main types of play.


Dramatic Play

Dramatic play products allow children to develop creativity, imagine, and express themselves. Participating in role play at a young age is key to innovation and creativity. Grounds For Play offers a variety of dramatic play products that support children’s growing minds and bodies.

Nature Play

Nature play products are designed to highlight it’s natural surroundings. With Grounds For Play, we offer a wide variety of nature play items that help children develop gardening and science skills while participating in unstructured play.

Musical and Artistic Play

Engage children with fun and learning by incorporating musical play products into your play environment. They’ll discover different sounds, experiment with rhythm, and more. Musical play instruments help children explore their creativity while developing an appreciation for music.

Physical Play

From toddlers to school-age children, our playground structures help children develop growing muscles, coordination, and motor skills while they play and explore.

Sensory Play

Children develop important sensory skills while they play including touch, taste, sound, sight, and smell. We offer sensory play equipment that will help children grow and develop while they play.

To learn more about the major types of play, check out our white papers and short stories written by our educational play expert, Dr. William H. Strader Ed.D.

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