Musicians, text all your fans at once

I’ve produced 4 studio albums and played over 300 shows.

Writing, recording, performing. That’s fun and easy. But promoting your art? Not so much.

So I built Groupies, an SMS marketing platform for artists.

It started 2 weeks ago:

Promotional text from a rapper in Atlanta

My friend CJ, an artist in Atlanta, sent me a text with his latest single.

Not only is this clever, it’s effective. Despite the text being sent after midnight, I clicked, listened, and engaged.

Today, CJ-as-a-service goes live.

Using Groupies, artists can send personalized text messages to all their fans in a couple clicks. It’s easier, faster, and safer than sending group messages to strangers. It also scales, c/o Twilio under the hood.

And since Groupies was built specifically for artists, we’re able to provide a few things iMessage can’t.


Groupies dashboard

Who clicked on what content? The Groupies dashboard helps artists figure out their strongest tracks without waiting weeks for iTunes sales reports, or incessantly refreshing their SoundCloud profile.


Groupies leverages merge variables and open graph scraping

We store your fans’ names and locations. This lets artists say something like:

“Hey {{ first_name }}, check out my new track…”

…and it will merge in the fan’s first name.

It also means traveling artists can ping, for example, only their LA fans about a nearby performance.


earn free Groupies credits or get featured

Groupies is more than a musician SMS tool.

We’re currently in private BETA for cross-sharing other users’ content, in exchange for cash or text credits.

Imagine a world where 50,000 strangers are sent your songs, from people they trust, in 10 seconds. That’s the reality for Groupies featured artists.

This is only beginning of Groupies. Literally. I pushed “go” about 20 minutes ago. So stay tuned, there’s more to come.

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