Compensation up to 3.3cr/acre for new sectors gurgaon
Delhi NCR Gurgaon is taking a step ahead in the rising economy in property. Since Gurgaon has abundance of barren land. So the Huda administration has taken a step ahead to use this barren land for the benefit of people living in that area and nearby. We all know that Gurgaon roads are not up to the mark, water pipeline; gas pipeline and a lot more needs to be corrected. So to make a way towards development Huda center has decided to buy this land from these land owners.
The Huda administration has now come up with a compensation rate for the acquisition of the land. It has been fixed between Rs 2.24 crore and 3.3 crore per acre. With this acquisition of land it certainly will gain pace towards the development required. This construction will connect various sectors with each other like, 82/85, 92/open space zone, 92/93 and many more.
It has been in the news that about 53 acres of land is to be acquired by HUDA from about 20 farmers respectively. The land is acquired from Dhorka and Sikandarpur Badha to construct and develop more. Gurgaon must get its needs fulfilled.
Surprisingly, according to Anshaj Singh the land acquisition department had issued the notification in March 2013. It was done under section 4 land acquisition Act 1894. Further the land will now be acquired under the new acquisition act and farmers will be awarded with the compensation on December2.
Anshaj Singh claims to start the development right after the compensation is awarded. As after the compensation is given they will possess the land and soon the work will start. The urban development agency will start the development work which includes building of roads, and other important development work.
Also the Estate officer Omprakash said theta the deal has been done after considering all the possible market rates between 2010 to 2013. The administration considered the rates thoroughly; only after this the deal got finalized.
So if there was anything that stopped you from buying property in New Gurgaon have now been rectified. Mapsko researchers have reported that the property rates will fly high in the coming future. The barren land (reason of less rates of property) has been compensated with the government for building roads and other essential requirements. Gurgaon is all set to make a fresh, high and an impactful effect. So don’t delay and with the help of Mapsko group buy property right away. This is the best time to buy property in Gurgaon. This asset will make its essence immensely.