Most Appropriate Time to Invest in Real Estate

Buying a property or investing in real estate is no child’s play. You need to conduct a thorough and extensive research about on-going market rates and trends in addition to considering other important factors as well. There has been a dilemma, or rather debate we should say, going on for quite some time that whether it is an apt time to invest your hard-earned money in the real estate or not. If you are also among the baffled ones, then read on. Experts from Mapsko Group are here to resolve your predicament. This is the most suitable time to invest in the properties as prices are significantly dropping and have been on an all-time low.

The demands of properties these days are going down, as the buyers are now smart enough to know their priorities. Property is an asset which certainly cannot be utilized in small portions. The market is not uniform and it is expensive to find, evaluate, buy or sell. The market is extremely low considering current inflation rates. As it is well known that inflation rate is based upon the consumer price index (CPI) and it would not be a wise decision to mess with the market and make an unprofitable deal.

Recently, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) slashed the Repo Rate by 50 basis point during its monetary policy review in September 2015. This has undoubtedly brought good news for the developers and investors as lower interest rate will encourage growth in India’s realty sector which is suffering from severe Demand Slowdown. This rate cut also means lower EMIs for home buyers. Lower interest rates mean cheaper home loans, thereby encouraging the consumers to inquire more about new properties across the micro markets. A majority of demand for homes in India are in the affordable segment.

Hence, it can be concluded that it is an apt time to invest as this is the threshold time and investing in real estate always pays off. Afterwards, the “Demand is low” trend seems to be end soon and significant price hikes in properties can be seen in future. So, go on and make that investment without a doubt.