Improving Sites That Do Not Rank

Sometimes, you may face a situation in which you find yourself unable to rank your website even if your website deserves a better rank. Google focuses the quality of websites but it doesn’t mean that your only job is to create quality content and nothing else. Ranking a website needs the website owner or SEO to do the necessary homework without which there is going to be no improvement in the website’s rank.

When the site is as good as others but still doesn’t rank

You may find out that your website is just as good as others but it doesn’t rank well in Google search results. In this scenario, you have to keep in mind the fact that being as good as others doesn’t make you beat the competition. You may be able to offer the quality but the other well-performing sites have been there at the position they are, so you have to do something else to make your website better.

Ranking better than other sites

When it comes to ranking better than other sites, there are a few things that you will have to take into consideration.

  • The first thing that you will need to focus is to keep an eye on the features of your competitor’s websites that make those sites ranking well in search engine. User experience, ease of navigation, download speed and add-ons are the primary things to analyze. Then, you will need to do the crawling of the websites using tools such as Xenu Link Sleuth or Screaming Frog in order to find out about the way they use title tags and also about the types of links they use in their sites. This step is going to tell you about how serious they are in their SEO approach. Then, you will need to review the editorial focus of those websites. You will need to see if they blindly focus on keywords while setting titles or they really try to address users’ concerns.
  • Now, you will need to repeat the same process mentioned in the above point but you will have to look for the negatives at this stage. While looking at positives tells you what you will need to focus in your SEO approach, looking at negatives is going to tell you about the opportunities you may have.
  • Apart from looking at what your competitors do and what they do not do, it would be worth looking into what your non-competitors do. Having that said, you will have to look at the sites which do not belong to your niche but they have the same kind of business model that you have. That will help you to improve your site without an urgency to do something to beat the competition. In fact, you will have all the time because you are working on something new.

All in all, making your websites do something that good websites do is something which might not help you in getting the rank of your website improved in search engines results. You will have to go beyond these parameters to make sure that you do well.