No era in the long history of man-kind reveals such a terrible state of physical development as this brief modern period.

The following information is based on the studies of Frances Pottenger & Weston Price.

A study conducted by Pottenger involved a group of cats being tested in their growth and development across 3 generations, some were placed on a raw milk & raw meat diet, others were placed on a cooked meat and pasteurized milk diet. Some of these cats were placed on a raw food & milk diet after a period on cooked milk and pasteurized milk. These studies were then tested on humans to see the effects in different diets and different milk intake.

The raw meat & milk cats showed striking uniformity in their sizes and skeletal development. Generation to generation maintained a regular, broad face, adequate dental arches and regular dentition. Sexes were easily identified anatomically and muscle tone was excellent, fur was of good quality and hardly shedded. Internal organs were fully developed and functioning. Over their lifespan they proved resistant to disease, infections, fleas and various other parasites and showed no signs of allergy. Miscarriages were very rare and cats tend to nurse 5 kittens per litter with no trouble. The average weight of a newborn was 119 grams.

Now this is where it gets interesting…

The cooked meat and milk group of cats produced different sized and shaped kittens, almost every single cat had a completely different skeletal pattern. Deficiencies were made very obvious, the legs tend to increase in length and decrease in width, the third generation of these cats had bones almost as soft as rubber. Heart problems, eye sight problems, thyroid issues, kidney infections, liver, teste, bladder and ovary infections, arthritis and inflammation of joints, nervous system problems such as meningitis and paralysis ALL OCCURED COMMONLY in this group of cats. Rib cage development was poor leading to breathing problems and a common cause of death was infections in the bones. By the 3rd generation the cats are that physiologically bankrupt, that none survive past 6 months. Females were more aggressive than normal and males were more docile than normal, almost as if both sexes had switched roles. Vermin and intestinal parasites weere common and allergies were common, they also got worse as the generations went on. Pneumonia killed a lot of adult cats whilst diarrhea followed by pneumonia killed a lot of kittens. Miscarriage in pregnant females is common, 25% of the first generation experienced them whilst the second generation 70% suffered miscarriage, the third generation were too poorly developed to even have kittens (could diet be why miscarriage is such a common thing in the present day and age?) . Cats often had difficulty with labor, a lot often dying and the mortality rate of the kittens was high. The average weight per kitten was 100 grams, 19 less than the raw meat group.

Hold on, it gets better…

The ‘regenerating’ cats, the ones placed on cooked meat and milk which were then returned to raw meat and milk, took 4 generations to correct the health probems caused by cooked meat and milk back to normal, however many failed to regain their perfect health completely. Resistance to disease improved in the second generation, but allergies still occured and only improved in the third generation. Once a female cat is subjected to a cooked meat diet for 12–18 months her reproductive efficiency is so reduced she is unable to have normal kittens ever again! When her kittens are maintained on a good diet, a gradual reversal and regeneration takes place.

The cats who were fed sweetened condensed milk had even worse results than the pasteurized milk group. They developed much heavier deposits of fat and exhibit SEVERE skeletal deficiencies. They showed extreme irritability and paced around their pens nervously.

Cat on the left is on an optimal diet and has excellent, broad facial structure, other 2 are on deficinent diets, note the narrowness in their facial development.

You are what your food eats:

A study showed that cows had the greatest adrenal potency in america, whereas cows killed in L.A had the lowest adrenal potency. Cows in denver were fed fresh grass whereas the cows in L.A were fed grain. The cows who were fed grass showed higher reproductive efficiency and lower mortality rates than the cows that were fed grass. It would appear logical to assume that dietary factors of the cows affects the nutritional content of the milk. The cats who were fed the healthy cow milk coped much better than the milk from the unhealthy cows.

Does the quality of nutrition affect humans in the same way?

Frances pottenger observed the behaviour & health of humans on various nutritional quality and the results were quite shocking..

A young man is born to a mother who has a relatively uneventful pregnancy. Much of her diet is home grown & she has excellent & maintains normal activity throughout. The young man is born with good strong ligaments and compact bones. His childhood involved good nutrition and he continued to develop good bones, strong muscles and tight ligaments. His co-ordination was excellent. by 6 months he could hang on a bar holding his bodyweight and before 12 months could do 1 single chin-up! His chest was broad and lungs had a good capacity.His endurance was good and he wasn’t prone to any infections or chronic childhood illnesses most children suffer from. He suffered from measles at 1 year old but no residual effects occured. He rarely missed a day at school, was willing to participate in sport and physical activity and eventually went on to high school to become a champion in all of the sports he participated in!

Now, the other child examined, was born to a mother who had metabolic problems before and during pregnancy. Her diet was deficient in raw and fresh fruits and vegetables and high in processed meat and carbohydrates. The young man is born with weak ligaments and frail bones. Raised on a deficient diet, he suffers metabolic upsets, starting with poor assimilation of his formula and continuing with frequent colds, bouts of asthma and numerous injuries due to poor co-ordination. Ligaments are weak and joints hyper-extend. This boy shunned physical activity, having to be forced to take part in sports at school. He has no interest in school work. In his teens, ligaments are lax, muscles weak, and bones soft. He then becomes accident prone in an automobile as well as in his own body. He is slow to mature, has a high pitched voice until 15 and has many social problems.

Child on the left is on an optimal diet throughout pregnancy and after, notice the symmetry, development and thickness of the human frame. Other 2 are on deficient diets, notice the poor development and symmetry.

It would appear that nutrient quality for mother and child have a tremendous effect on the development of the child.

Breast feeding:

A deficient mother will have nutrient deficient milk. When the diet is improved, the milk will improve. For example when a child develops a rash on their mouth from breast feeding, the mother requires better fatty acid intake.

A man named Oscar Erf stated that cows that suckled on their mothers milk had better health than those who drank the mothers milk from a bucket. This could be due to the mixture of oxygen with the milk changing the chemical composition of the milk.

Another benefit of breast feeding is that the sucking on the mothers breast requires using the muscles of the face, neck and even body to a certain degree, therefore contributing to muscular development. Bottle-fed babies however, require no effort to get their milk.

Studies actually shown that babies breast fed showed much more superior facial development than those who were bottle fed. Facial development is VITAL, as a poorly developed face leads to a narrow dental arch, leading to cowded teeth, and a narrow frontal region, leading to crowded sinuses, leading to respiratory problems and misplaced teeth, leading to you forking out money for braces in the near future.

Weston Price also came across this information, when he travelled around the world to study isolated & modernised groups from the Swiss Alps to the Eskimos, Red Indians, New Zealand Maori & African tribesman. He discovered that those living off the land had immaculate skeletal development, perfect health and immunity to disease. However, those introduced to modern foods with sugar and flour in them were rampant with tooth decay, disease and disformity.

He explained that when you eat natural food, the saliva you produce in your mouth creates a hardened ocating around your teeth when they erupt, protecting your teeth from bad bacteria. When you eat these modern foods, the coating doesn’t take place, your enamel is eroded followed by your dentin where the bacteria will finally reach the pulp chamber resulting in rampant decay of the tooth.

Not only did tooth decay occur, deformity of the teeth, skull and body also occured due to poor nutrition of the child and parent for that matter, resulting in a narrow skull, hindering brain development, a narrow dental arch, creating crammed teeth, and narrow hips, which in women means a poorly developed pelvic arch, which is why we require cesarean sections.

Brain development issues can lead to mental disabilities & delinquency. Price discovered there were no ‘criminals’ or ‘mentally ill’ people among the primitives, the villages in the swiss alps were fairly civilized and even they didn’t require a doctor, dentist or policeman/woman.

Weston Price listed 2 categories A & B.

Category A being a result of poor nutrition of the parents during the preperation of pregnancy & pregnancy itself. These degenerative problems were as followed: Cleft Palate, Narrow hips,Narrow face, constricted nostrils, Mental backwardness, Juvenile delinquancy, Skull defects, Brain defects, Mental illness & Mental Disability.

Category B is a result of poor nutrition from an individual. These degenerative issues were as followed: Poor dental development, Eye inflammation, Poor vision, Skeletal fractures, Joint pain & Sterility.

It would appear that based on this evidence, the damage done by poor nutrition on your child during pregnancy or infancy is a form of child abuse, yet we are not educated on these dangers, we still have food companies promoting nutritionless food that will cause these degenerative issues.

If you have read this blog I urge you to eat correctly during your childs development for the sake of the child, I can speak from experience the suffering the child will go through from having poorly developed teeth & flat feet, 2 factors that can be avoided through correct nutrition. It’s time we stopped focusing on eating for fat-loss sake and started eating for humanitys sake. CG

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