Signs You Are Dehydrated

With the weather being warm you’re going to be losing a lot more water than usual through sweat. So you need to make sure you are replacing that water frequently enough for your body to function properly, as our bodies consist of water mainly!

Now don’t confuse dehydration with thirst, your sensitivity to thirst becomes weaker the less you drink water, tricking you into thinking you are hydrated because you’re not thirsty!

Sign #1: Your wee is bright yellow – bright yellow wee is the easiest way to tell if you are dehydrated. Your wee should be completely clear, just like water really.

Sign #2: Headaches – if you constantly have headaches at work when it’s warm chances are you need some water. Your brain is practically swimming in all kinds of liquid and fat inside your skull so if you’re drying it out what do you expect?

Sign #3: Low energy – that sluggish feeling you get in the heat is often caused by dehydration. Again your muscles are mainly made of water so drying them up is going to have you feeling a bit heavy.

Other signs can consist of: hunger after just eating, sickness, dry lips, joint ache & back pains (both consist of water inside joints & cartilage), constipation & shooting pains in the stomach (the intestines absorb all the water from your waste, left overs are used to help clean the bowels. If no left overs are available your waste dries up and decomposes in your gut, not good!)

I’d say 2 litres LEAST a day, more depending on your activity level, drink up 😀

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