Building Your First Indoor Grow Room Setup

Step 1: Find A Space

Is It Big Enough?

Are You Near A Power Supply?

Are You Near A Water Source?

Will Noise Be An Issue?

What’s The Flooring Like?

Step 2: Create A Light Tight Environment

Step 3: Configure Your Setup

Option 1: Whole Room Setup

Option 2: Room In A Room Setup

  • Maintain the optimum climate (e.g. temperature, humidity)
  • Prevent bug infestations and diseases
  • Minimise light loss
  • Protect the rest of the room from the heat and humidity in your tent

Option 3: Convert An Enclosed Room Setup

  • Choose a high space (at least 5ft is good — ideally you want more)
  • Use nothing more powerful than a 250–315W Light
  • Ensure there’s a constant flow of new air in your setup
  • Use an extractor fan to take hot air away from the top of the area
  • Make sure there are input holes (even better, with air input fan) to force new air in

Step 4: Get The Right Light System

What’s A Grow Light?

  • Ballast: for regulating and controlling the supply of energy needed to power the light
  • Lamp: for actually generating the light
  • Reflector: for guiding as much of the light produced down towards your plants

Main Grow Lights:

  • Metal Halide: Great for vegetative growth (produce more blue light)
  • Sodium: Great for flowering (produce more red light)
  • Dual Spectrum HPS: For vegetative & flowering (produce blue & red light)
  • LED’s: For use throughout your grow (here’s how to pick a good LED)
  • Fluorescent Lights: For propagation, often used with a BAY6 Dual Use Propagation tent

Supplemental Grow Lights

  • Plasma: Tend to have more wavelengths outside the PAR range (read more here)
  • CDM: Have lot of wavelengths outside the PAR range, but more wavelengths inside the PAR range than Plasma lights. With the right reflector and bulbs, you can sometimes use a CDM as a main grow light. (read more here)

Choosing A Grow Light

  • The light’s power consumption rate (and your budget)
  • The light output (read more here)
  • How much space is available in your setup (your grow space will need to support the light)
  • On economy 7 tariffs, the cost of electricity is less during the night.
  • Lights produce heat, and night times are cooler — it costs less to maintain the right temperature

Step 4: Set Up An Air Exchange System



  • Your lights
  • The size of your grow space
  • The time of year (more air needs to be extracted during summer months)

Extractor Fans




  • Add 20% for a warm attic
  • Add 20% if using a carbon filter
  • Minus 15% in a cool basement
  • Add 20% for long ducting
  • Minus 25–30% for air cooled lighting

Intake Fans

Basic Grow Room Safety

  • Use cable ties when necessary to keep wiring neat and out of the way
  • Ensure ballasts and other electrical devices don’t come into contact with water unless specifically designed to do so — e.g. nutrient heaters and water pumps.
  • From time to time check all installations, connections and wiring.
  • Make sure equipment is not accessible to children or animals.
  • Read instructions and safety information where applicable, especially where aggressive liquids are concerned.
  • Consider installing a fire extinguisher that has been specifically designed for a grow room.
  • Always uncoil extensions and don’t coil up the reflector cables — otherwise, they can get hot and even burn.

What Next




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