How are LED Lights Compared To High-Pressure Sodium ( HPS) Lights?

Before LED grow lights , HPS( High-Pressure Sodium Lights) were the main sources of light used for indoor plant growing. But, after LED lights were introduced, HPS lights started losing their popularity and demand. In actual LED lights are more efficient than HPS ( we’ll discuss it later in this article) but still not everyone prefers LED grow lights. Maybe due to some sort of confusion regarding Are LEDs actually efficient in plant’s growth? Isthis electricity saving appliances? and so on.

LEDs have been proved better than sodium lights in most of the aspects,and that is why these are gaining popularity with each day gone. So, without confusing you further let’s have a look at the working criteria of both LEDs and HPS grow lights:

1: Power Consumption

This is the foremost thing one should look before buying a grow light. Growing indoors itself is an expensive task and spending too much money on faulty grow lights can take your price out of your budgets fixed for the same. HPS lights are more power consuming,and this became the reason for the need of searching a power effective light. LEDs, on the other hand, consumes less power and gives more output which means their efficiency is higher than those HPS grow lights.

2: Heat Emission

HPS lights radiate a lot of heat when working and thus makes it necessary to spend extra money for installations regarding heat sinking technology and air circulation. LEDs do not produce that much heat. They even can touch your plants without harming it in any way. Also, it is easy to throw out the heat produced by LEDs with just a minimal investment.

3: Intensity:

However, HPS lights are just a little bit good in producing intensified lights than LEDs. But as an approximate, LEDs also produce the same intensity which HPS lights produce. So now you can easily make a distinction between the two in terms of intensity.

4: Yield

HPS lights are lesser in yield than LED grow lights as the latter gives 3 times more yield/ output for the same 1W power consumption. This means your production from HPs lights would then become 3 times with the LED grow lights. This is a major plus point for the LED grow lights over HPS lights.

5: Durability

LED grow lights on an average have a lifespan lying between 50,000- 1,00,000 hours whereas HPS lights last for around 10,000 hours. This means you can enjoy years of service from the LEDs without facing any failure. This makes them more reliable than those HPS grow lights.

6: Flexibility

LED lights can be easily adjusted as per the plant requirements which is not present in thecase of HPS lights. Most of the HPS lights remain fixed in their place without offering any specific adjustment facility to the users. LEDs excel HPS lights in this regard because they are more flexible to use.

8: Type of Light

LED grow lights mainly exhibits red and blue light spectrum which are considered to be the best suitable for vegetative and flowering stages of a plant. HPS lights, on the other hand,emit all the wavelengths at once without giving attention to any specific wavelength or colour.This is the reason why their efficiency is good than the typical HPS grow lights in general.

So, this was a comparison between the two in nearly all the aspects one looks before buying any of these grow lights.

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