Grow For Me Logo Animation

Grow for me (GFM), is a web and mobile crowd funding and crow farming platform that was conceptualized in 2017, is now in the process of more farms with the general public from 1st July 2020 and will be simultaneously launching their new company logo, which signifies hope through the vision of the sprouting of a seed, which is engraved with the image of a ‘G’ for Grow for me.

Logo Elements of Grow For Me

The new brand and logo which has been created to reflect simplicity, promises to implant a sense of ease in a way that entices and…

We are proud to announce that, we just joined the #Africa4Future initiative, an aerospace accelerator programme sponsored by Airbus BizLab Make-IT in Africa (GIZ) and UP42. Through this, we will begin updating our sponsors about what’s happening on their farms via satellite images from pleiades and more. The initiative is also supported by Co-creation Hub Nigeria (CcHUB)and Endeva.

#precisionagriculture #africarising #satellites #airbus #growforme #onlinefarming#farminghana#MOFA

Grow For Me

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