Future Community: What Do Gaming and Community Look Like 200 Years From Now?

Growing Community
Feb 9 · 4 min read

Welcome to a new series where we look at the future of community 200 years from now.

Up first is this guest post from David Fergen, who is the community manager for the gaming company 不鸣科技(杭州)有限公司. David brings a unique perspective from his gaming and community background.

What does community look like 200 years from now?

The community will be vastly different than it currently is. I feel that players will have a much more significant impact and that there will be a more interactive experience for them. I think that players using VR and augmented reality will be able to meet with their community managers in a sort of chat room and setting to add a personalized experience for them. The players and community members will be treated with a lot more attention, as I feel they will be having a lot more say in what goes in the community. The community managers will probably have a more robust system that can help them run personalized events for each of the community members with AI moderators.

What do the primary community platforms look like?

The primary platforms I feel used will be Virtual Reality, Hololenses, and Augmented Reality. It will allow the user to be a part of the community in any setting that they are in. These platforms most likely will be portable and will allow the community member to interact seamlessly with other members of the community in a three-dimensional environment. We may have advanced technology to such a point that we will be able to have sensations of touch, taste, or smell that can be incorporated into the community through the platforms. This could be used to further enhance the customer’s experience in new products or prizes.

What does the community experience now look like within the customer journey?

The community experience 200 years from now will be vastly different from a customer that joins the community most likely would be greeted in a very personal manner. Most likely by an AI that can talk with them and make them feel like a real person is greeting them. We should have advanced to such a degree then, that people won’t be able to discern that what they are talking to is AI. The AI will make the customer feel very welcome and a part of the community, before introducing them to the rest of the community. In the background, data will be seamlessly gathered to pass along to the community team about what the customers want or desire. The customer would then experience what they desired in the community to add for a positive and personalized experience, be it from events, games, chats, emojis, costumes for an avatar, or new unlockable.

An example is bots that have already found out ways to beat humans in multiplayer hidden-role games.

What are the most significant differences between 200 years from now and where we are at today?

The most significant difference 200 years from now and today, is that the virtual community would be three dimensional. The community managers might have less of a hands-on approach and leave it more to bots, as they have advanced so far in AI. The community will be much more personalized per person instead of just one lump together. There will be much more emphasis on player satisfaction, and a lot more of the interaction will include augmented reality.

Who is running the community, and where do they sit within the business organization?

I feel that community managers still will be running the community. Although the role most likely will be changed over time, as technology becomes more and more advanced and is more integrated into our society. As for where the community managers sit in the business organization, I feel they will continue to have their section, as that is the most effective way to handle the community. I have found that when the community managers are given free rein to manage the community and work directly with other teams, they can keep customers enthusiastic about the community.

A fascinating look at the possible worlds of gaming and community 200 years from now by David Fergen.

Stay tuned for future editions in this series!

If you’d like to contribute to this series, drop me a line!

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