Finding Jessie Tait.

I was introduced to the work of pottery designer and creative genius Jessie Tait on a recent trip to London, and I was hooked.

Jessie Tait 1928–2010

Jessie Tait was born March 6th, 1928 in Stoke-on-Trent a city renowned for its pottery industry and is regarded as the world capital of ceramics, and home of another famous pottery designer Clarice Cliff.

Tait studied at the Burslem School of Art. She would achieve some notoriety as a talented designer when she starts working for Midwinter Pottery in the 1940s.

Midwinter allowed Tait to nurture her creativity and artistic talent and it pays off handsomely with the mass-produced Zambesi range and my personal favorite collection Red Domino in the 1950s

Red Domino Coffee set designed by Jessie Tait Midwinter
Photo G.F Carty

I began to think of pottery in terms of an investment, a legacy collection to leave for the next generation, or something to own, appreciate, and enjoy.

I came to the conclusion that all of the above are in fact true. Over the past twenty years works by Clarice Cliff have become highly desired and have risen in enormous value and are a beautiful art form in their own rite.

Jesse Tait designed Red Domino Tea Set
Photo by G.F Carty

In 1970 Tait married train driver Albert Hazlehurst. While Midwinter was taken over by Wedgwood also that same year.

In 1974 Tait moved fully to Wedgwood where her familiar creative freedom was not replicated due to the more corporate environment she found herself in. However, due to her brilliant creative and artistic talent, she continued to produce extremely successful designs.

Tait continued to work in the ceramic industry well into the 1990s and would sadly die from cancer on January 14th, 2010 age 81

Like other renowned pottery ceramic designers such as Clarice Cliff, Charlotte Rhead, and Susie Cooper, Tait’s work is now well sought after and represented in many collections including the Victoria and Albert Museum.

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