Tania Walisch of GROW Place Luxembourg (centre; photo Pavlos Georgiadis)

“We care a lot for the soil and give workshops and training to spread the knowledge about healthy soils,” says Tanja Walisch, Environmental Scientist at CELL.

The Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg (CELL) is one of GROW’s community champions that has distributed and placed 1,000 sensors on the ground.

GROW Places in Europe

The GROW Observatory is running citizen science soil sensing activities in the following GROW Places: Austria, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Scotland and Spain.

Participants are already placing thousands of soil sensors in the ground all over Europe to increase their understanding of their growing sites and to contribute…

GROW Observatory

Let’s collaborate to grow great food, improve our soils, and help science with vital environmental monitoring. Get involved! http://growobservatory.org/

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