HempCoin ($THC) to be Accepted on Stembis.com: The World’s First Premium Marketplace for the Cannabis Industry


OTTAWA, CANADA, July 10, 2018 — GrowPayment, Inc. announced it will accept HempCoin on its e-commerce solution for the cannabis industry, Stembis.com.

HempCoin is one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the crypto-cannabis sector.

“We are thrilled to team up with HempCoin,” says Co-founder and CEO of GrowPayment, Inc., Binyamin Shimshoon. “We founded GrowPayment with the intention to make access in the cannabis industry easier. We believe by establishing relationships with crypto-cannabis projects like HempCoin, it enables consumers to have a better commerce experience in the cannabis industry, and it continues the tradition of collaboration and community,” says Shimshoon.

GrowPayment is committed to improving the commerce experience for cannabis vendors and consumers by utilizing advancements in technology.

To learn more, visit https://growpayment.io.

About GrowPayment

GrowPayment is a technology company focused on developing e-commerce, blockchain, and payment solutions for the cannabis industry. In addition to Stembis.com, GrowPayment is currently developing two other solutions: a retail point-of-sale system that will support blockchain assets, and a supply chain fulfillment system powered by blockchain technology.

About Stembis

Stembis is a premium marketplace that is dedicated to facilitating a luxury e-commerce experience by offering inclusive and innovative solutions that make service in the cannabis industry accessible, sophisticated, and fun.



Michael Weatherhead, Co-founder & CMO



Binyamin Shimshoon, Co-founder & CEO


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