Extract From the Academic Blogging Toolbox — Promoting and Distributing Academic Content

Over at Growresa.com we maintain a list of resources called the Academic Blogging Toolbox. It is a (fairly self-evident) collection of books, software, platforms and other useful tools that scholarly bloggers can use to improve the management and reach of their sites.

In this post we’ve taken out the current section on promoting academic blog content. Enjoy!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) — SEO is a large and complex topic, but essentially it is the practice of optimising specific pieces of content for target “keywords” (which can be single words or multi-word phrases), and building links to them, so that when people type them in to search engines, your content shows up near the top of the results. The Google Keyword Planner Tool provides useful data to help select specific keywords. Alternatives to the Google tool include KeywordTool.io, SEO Book and Wordtracker.

​Google Trends — Another free tool from Google, Trends enables you to compare the relative number of recent searchers of two or more different keywords. It can be used to find out how people are referring to specific things in your field for example, which can help you choose better keywords.

The Yoast SEO for WordPress plugin — if using WordPress, a great way to optimise individual posts and pages is the free SEO for WordPress plugin. It provides guidance on how to edit pages and posts to boost their SEO potential while drafting them, along with other features that will help create better content.

Content reuse — once a blog post is written and published it doesn’t have to die an archive-related death; instead reuse the text, images and ideas on other platforms and in other channels. Blog posts can be reworked for or republished on (along with a link explaining “First published on XXX”) platforms such as Medium, Quora (on which you can also answer specialist questions and share relevant links to your content as part of the answer), or on LinkedIn, where they will be linked directly to your professional profile. Blog posts can also be turned into a presentation and published on SlideShare too.

To see the full list please go to Growresa.com, and please let us know if your favourite tool is missing!

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