When to Fire Your Top Salesperson

Thanks for sharing this story, Keith. I just can’t imagine how you felt when you realized what Peter was doing to you, your business and your team. I know that it’s never easy to fire an employee, especially if they seem to provide great results for the company.

As a manager for a small business before, I had to deal with this too. And think it’s a little bit tougher to decide on if you know that as a business, you need that person to continue to bring results but you also know that it’s no longer healthy for the entire team to keep this employee.

However, the most important thing for me that we need to consider in times like these is for everyone to respect and support each other and the organization. For me, no amount of sale can justify this person’s negative impact on you, your business and your team. You just did the right thing.

On the other note, I’m very curious as to how this ended. Other than firing Peter, do you know what happened to him/his career/his new company? I’d love to hear from you soon! Thanks!

-Brooke H.

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