Accounting outsourcing to Growth Secret
Accounting outsourcing to Growth Secret

We all are aware of the current health crisis which has gripped not just India but the entire world and it would be some time before we all get back to normalcy. Every business, whether big or small, has been affected due to Covid-19 and the impact has been more or less uniform all across the companies in every part of the globe.

Taking care of all aspects of your company can be quite challenging and one of the reasons why several companies are now hiring external agencies to manage many of the in-house processes including Accounting and Taxation, Human…

Know about Wishfie?

Well, they have carved an identity as a social video app, where as a social bug you can share your opinion on topics floating in the air or things that concern the mass.

To understand the several tax and accounting complications that the company went through, let’s walk through their process of operation first.

Wishfie’s approach to work is highly professional, and hence, they wanted to put in place a highly accurate accounting system right from the start, to avoid complications at a later stage. For this, they consulted Growth Secret to extend assistance.

Here’s what Wishfie’s…

This case study is a vivid example of how Growth Secret’s observance and expertise in the sphere of GST, Income tax and accounting helps its client to increase their turnover and attain a substantial profit in their business.

Aala Libaas, a Delhi-based company, deals with ethnic Indian wear for men and women. The manufacturing fashion brand is over two decades old and holds approximately 35% of market share in their sector.

Client’s Association With Growth Secret:

Aala Libaas is already an established company with years of experience in their domain. However, in terms of tax compliance and accounting practices they had been following traditional methods…

The following case study “Accounting and Tax Compliance Made Easy with Growth Secret: A Case Study 2018” gives an insight of how Growth Secret operates with its clients to help them navigate complex business issues and take strategic decisions from financial perspective and hence achieve optimum performance. is a ready-to-use cloud-based CDN, image server, manipulation engine and storage for website and mobile app developer. This Delhi-based start-up caters to global clients and automatically delivers optimized images on all platforms instantly. Its portfolio comprises of high profile clients like,,, DineOut etc.

Imagekit’s Association With Growth Secret: was managing its accounting and…

Growth Secret

A comprehensive financial platform, Growth Secret provides a gamut of Financial & Tax services to all kinds of businesses. (

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