Simplicity Is Sustainable

I’m proud to say that now I’m in a space in my life to where I’m considered a leader, public figure, and expert. Whether it’s pertaining to my book, being a wellness/result coach, or my journey in powerlifting. My ability to maneuver through these realms of life is accredited to something I never thought I’d consider a core value of mine. See a couple years ago I had a phase of life where I was working a string of odd jobs. Working at places like a grocery store, gas station, seafood restaurant, landscaping, gym, etc! Many times working two jobs at a time clocking in 80+ hours a week. And the only thing I was an expert at in this period of my life was complicating things.

I can sit here and blame it on my upbringing, my family, being conditioned by the school system, whatever else you can think of. But at the end of the day, it was me. The best analogy I can think of to adequately convey this message is our progression learning Math in school. See in the beginning of school we learned 1+1=2 and 2x2=4. So simple right? then next thing you know it’s on to long division, and geometry, and calculus! And don’t get me wrong there’s definitely a need for these equations and formulas in certain professions. But when it comes to life it’s as simple as 1+1=2 and 2x2=4. See we learned in school that when it came to hard and difficult problems there was a trick and tactic we could use to solve it. Now that’s completely fine when it comes to math but the issue arose when people started applying this concept to life. Thinking; “Hey if I can just do x,y,z my problem will be solved. I don’t have to waste time doing 123.” And this thinking has left people frustrated, discouraged, and lacking results in life.

Particularly in business; when things are complicated they are impossible to grow/scale. Sure you may be a super genius and make get some crazy formula to being successful but that doesn’t mean your people will and their people will. I learned a long time ago in sales; “The confused mind always says no.” People are less worried about how something works and want to be assured THAT something works. And you surely won’t reassure people of anything talking in doctor jargon and using crazy math formulas; other than reassure them that they shouldn’t do what you’re proposing. In my efforts to grow Health Is Wealth Nation; a division of Herbalife Nutrition; I’ve learned that its best to keep things fun, simple, and magical, in life and while building something special.

Fun because; well why not? Life is already serious enough. Why not have something that’s fun and enjoyable. Now don’t get me wrong this isn’t the naive fun and oblivious joy I’m speaking of. To be specific in my efforts to change the obesity and cholesterol statistics in my community is no laughing matter. People are dying at a high rate in the Gulf Coast area of the country due to poor eating habits; that’s a problem. However, the process to enforce this change doesn’t have to be a serious and strenuous one. The process can be a fun one full of progress, results, prizes, surprises, acknowledgment, etc. So keep it fun!

Things should be Simple because that’s the only way to introduce duplication. A movement or army is simply a plethora of people who are all bought in on the same mission and committed to doing the same thing. That’s it! So if your mission, values, or methods are complicated; your army isn’t going to be very large. In fact, you may look up one day and notice that you’re the only one enrolled in this army. I often share with my people that if you can’t explain it to a child then it’s too long. And if it can’t fit on one page then it’s too long. We live in a busy and distracting society now. No longer do people have immense time to sit and grasp things. If someone can’t comprehend things immediately they automatically consider it something that’s not for them and forever deem it as not worth it. So keep it simple!

When it comes to keeping things Magical; it’s actually fun within itself! See I’m not the least bit naive and completely agree with astronomical, obscene, unexplainable things happening in life. But who says I have to invest my energy into knowing exactly how they occurred. Sometimes it’s ok to just “GROW” with the flow; completely different from going with the flow. There’s a quote by Jim Rohn that I think is amazing where he says; “There are some things you don’t have to know how it works — only that it works. While some people are studying the roots, others are picking the fruit. It just depends on which end of this you want to get in on.” I think it’s completely asinine to want to invest energy into questioning precisely how amazing things occur. When you can use that some energy appreciating the moment and enjoying the pleasure that comes from the experience. I love riding airplanes but you don’t see me studying flight and physics; I leave that for the pilot and just enjoy it. Same with driving a car, or operating a computer, or listening to music. Decide which end of this you want to get in on. If you’re wise it’ll be the end where you can enjoy the magic!

Overall this is a massive perspective shift that needs to be done. I grew of lower middle class and lived in an urban community. My mindset was one of scarcity, poverty, and confusion. When I made this epiphany in 2013 by focusing on my personal development my life became filled with fun, while I kept things simple, and merely enjoyed the magic. I’m confident the same will happen for you!


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