Merge Reality, Divide and Conquer!

Reality, its a burden. Reality, its a blessing. Reality, its here. Reality is the word we use to describe life and all that it encompasses (based on the social dynamic from which we tend to view it). All too much, it gets intruded on by the perspective of other people and we begin to feel useless or hopeless. For instance, you might want a “reality” with no taxes however the superimposition brought on by government does not allow that reality to be true. Is it for the good or for the bad, it is not for me to say, but it is what it is.

Only naturally, we try to divide reality. All to often we try to escape our reality to experience one of higher liberation such as but not limited to: indulging in the reality of others via their social media presence, playing video games, reading books, watching TV, and so on. What we do not tend to actually incorporate into that decision is whenever we do this we only dig deeper into the reality we do not want. We leave the real, get high on the altered reality and come back to only more crappy reality (depending on which side of the fence you are on). We leave our lives (mentally) and enter another. Now if we did this while enhancing the outcomes of both lives we would be living in a perfect utopia, free from worries, stress and problems. WAKE UP CALL, that is not what happens and unfortunately we are not a Utopian civilization.

Pose yourself this question: How can we merge our social reality with the reality of super production? Why super production you might ask, simple the more we produce the happier we are, the higher we elevate our reality.

Fortunately many have become aware of this reality confabulation that we live in and begun to solve this problem. Enter Virtual Reality — Augmented Reality — Hybrid Reality — the merging of reality.

This absolutely mind blowing revelation is for some odd reason not getting as much attention as the Kardashian’s (all respect to their success, but actual impact is what were looking at here). When we begin to think how much more advanced can humans actually get, what is there really after the cell phone. This just might be it, ladies and gentlemen. An invention more useful than any device and more comfortable, convenient, and ultimately life changing than a cell phone.

Now many of you for sure have heard of VR or Virtual Reality, but have you actually considered its real life use case? Yes it is revolutionary, but keep in mind that VR is totally immersive; meaning that in order for you to enjoy VR you embrace that same problem we are dealing with in the first place — diverging away from our own life. Now on the other hand Augmented Reality — AR (otherwise becoming known as mixed/ hybrid reality {MR/HR}) does something truely really unreal.

This Mixed reality contraption does literally what it sounds like, it takes the here and now and layers an almost holographic reality of its own over it. It removes the current dilemma of limited functionality and productivity by giving our limbs (hands and fingers) a break and instead incorporates our entire being. Imagine so, you are standing in a massive office and there are 100 other people inside jumping around and making noise, now throw in some furniture and office equipment and its true chaos. The AR gear solves things like that, no desks, no computers, no graphs, no paper, all the stuff you might ever need is literally layered into a digital projection(that of course you can interact with) and gives you total control and freedom in that situation.

The technology stretches much much much further than that of course; think of traveling and having a map or GPS available at your whim, or think of the vamped up education system, but what about the holographic appearance of whomever your talking to!?; The options are literally endless.

My main purpose in sharing this, is to open up the eyes of people and see that there in a MASSIVELY disruptive invention already among us, it just merely needs to gain some traction and vuala, before you know it its already here; just think of the first mobile phone. Guys, its coming.

Thank you kindly for paying attention & Heads held high we march into the Future.

-Au Revoir friends