Ramp up your sales and build a reliable pipeline

Discovery is one of the most crucial steps in creating a repeatable sales process and doing it well can help you close more deals.

Many sales representatives miss the opportunity to learn valuable information by asking basic questions during the discovery phase. Here are some tips from our Head of Sales, Ryan Nahas, that can help you hone your discovery process.

1.Ask Open Ended Questions If you are asking yes or no questions, you are not going to get a lot of information and will end up feeding the prospect information…

That’s right.

Stop selling.

Your customers are sold to 1000 times a day.

Often terribly. Sometimes decently. Seldom well.

They’ve been told enough times “buy my stuff”.

They’re tired of it.

Counterintuitively most people think sales is about pushing their idea, product, service or company, but the best salespeople in the world are actually the best listeners. They focus on understanding customers and their problems, not on pushing solutions.

During a sales conversation, they listen over 80% of the time. If you don’t believe us, start using Chorus.ai — Automatically record, transcribe and analyze meetings in real-time. …


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