Focus On That Which Matters Most

We all have long term goals.

They help guide our so-called “careers” in a favorable direction, and allow us to prioritize what matters over what doesn’t. Yet sometimes, we get so bogged down by day-to-day obstacles that we lose sight of our goals altogether. We forget about thevision that compels us to pursue one future over another, and we fall into an automatic existence of completing tasks for task-completion’s own sake.

This week’s issue is about long term goals, self-awareness, and preparedness.

Are there better tools you could be using to reach that final milestone? Is your business model as sound and effective as you’d like to think it is? Have you come to terms with what’s changing in technology, and made strides to capitalize on those changes rather than flounder?

Only you know the answers. This issue will help you frame the questions.

Best of Luck,

Sean, Mattimore, and Joe

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18 Growth Hacking Apps That Tripled Our Users!

This is a juicy post containing some of the tools that we employ here at GrowthHack Weekly. Chris Baird (@crozdesk) does a great job capturing the essence of each application with a brief description, a screen shot, and a link. If you’re looking to 3X your growth, consider using one or more of these tools right away!

Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly? 3 Tools to Prepare You for Google’s Mobile Apocalypse

Google is about to release the Kraken upon all those websites which are not mobile friendly. They’re calling it Mobilegeddon, and it’s going down April 21st. Jokes aside, their new algorithm will have big impacts on some businesses. Is yours up to snuff? Find out with these 3 simple tools that Jeffrey Vocell (@jvocell) has made available.



April 9th is a monumental day. Why? Because for the first time in CRO history, a global audience will come together to celebrate a marathon of data-informed marketing. The event is powered by Unbounce (@unbounce), and it includes the world’s most elite conversion experts: Brian Dean of @Backlinko, Adam Avramescu of @Optimizely, and Larry Kim of @WordStream, to name a few. Some have even been featured on GrowthHack Weekly (e.g. @TaliaGw)! So mark your calendars and don’t miss out! It’s FREE and you can join in from anywhere that has WiFi.

How to Avoid The Worst Mistake in Website Conversion Optimization

What is the worst mistake you can make when optimizing your website’s conversion rate? Find out by reading Paul Boyce’s (@paulmboyce) story of one dire mistake that he and the Popcorn Metrics (@PopcornMetrics) team made while attempting to optimize their own funnel.

Note: If these CRO experts are making this mistake, you might be making it too!


10 Counterintuitive Lessons We’ve Learned About Email Marketing

It’s not always nice to pick favorites, but since we strive for complete transparency, we’ll do so anyway.

This is our favorite post of the week, and not just because it was written by Jimmy Daly (@jimmy_daly), our most featured and perhaps favorite author in GHW history. His 10 unorthodox lessons couldn’t be more spot on, and they prove that the vast majority of companies are going about email marketing the wrong way, while also providing actionable advice for how to shift into doing it the right way. Great read.


The Surprising Scientific Secrets Of Shareable Content

People are oft too quick to judge a viral phenomenon like #TheDress or the #IceBucketChallenge as being a one-of-a-kind, dumb-luck, unrepeatable feat of happenstance… but the truth is, there is a very real science behind what makes us click and what doesn’t. Jeff Goins (@JeffGoins) is here to break down that science into the proven factors that give ideas wings.

How to Dominate Video on Every Major Platform

If there’s one person who’s qualified to preach about video content as it relates to social media, it’s Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee). He has the uncanny ability to morph from platform to platform without ever losing authenticity, and it’s resulted in a massive audience of loyal “Vayniacs” who fuel his booming media business. Want to master the four biggest platforms like the amorphous Gary Vee? Check out these four short videos to find out how.

For more awesome content, check out the Ask Gary Vee show!


What Does an SEO Do In Their Day-to-Day Work?

Rand Fishkin (@randfish) answers an important, often misconstrued question: What exactly does an SEO person do on a day-to-day basis?

In this edition of Whiteboard Friday, Rand addresses the false assumptions, the realistic options, and the best courses of action for anyone involved in search engine optimization.


How to Tell if Your Marketing Economics are Broken or Brilliant

Don’t underestimate the power of math and economics to “reverse engineer” your own success. This meaty piece by Chris Bolman (@ChrisBolman) identifies the most vital metrics for any business, and then explains how they should be applied to maximize your customers’ lifetime value (LTV). Does your business need remodeling? Plug in these numbers to find out.


This is What Free, Ad-Supported Uber Rides Might Look Like..

Free Uber rides may be near at hand.. much nearer than you might think. I know, it sounds crazy, but this prediction by Andrew Chen (@andrewchen) is consistent with the industry’s trajectory towards lowering prices, and the targeting capabilities for advertisers are simply too good to pass up. So what might a free, ad-supported Uber service look like? Read this post and see for yourself.

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