Ethereum. How the Internet will be
Francesco Gadaleta

Great article. I agree that ether is more than a cryptocurrency, but when prices sore what’s to stop people from cashing out? Do you think ether will simply continue to rise in value pricing out people who want to simply buy “ether” and creating a structure that it is meant as a gas similar to credits we pay for on such services like skype to communicate?

I personally believe ether will change the world, but say one day I wanted to buy a house and if ether’s value is worth that much why not sell?

Do you believe that large institutions with huge POS staking pools will simply hoard it like gold and charge for per transaction type use? My issue with ether is that at some point the little guy gets priced out of mining or staking. With staking I can band together with 1 million others however that takes the decentralized equation out as we all have to store our wallets in the same place creating massive risk.

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