12 Typical Mistakes Made by Business Advisors and Consultants

If you are a sole practitioner in your own Business Consulting or Business Advisory practice, you will recognize that every time you complete a successful assignment, that you need to go out prospecting to win a new client or two. Experienced practitioners anticipate the end of current projects and start their prospecting early, so that they may have a pipeline of future business waiting for them to turn their skills to.

Working in the small and medium business sector from 2008 on-wards has been difficult for some sole practitioners, as discretionary spending has dried up in the pool where they have fished successfully in the past. This means that they need to start prospecting far earlier than usual, and they also need to be much more mindful about making mistakes.

Original Source: http://growthoracle.com/12-mistakes-that-business-advisors-and-consultants-frequently-make/

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